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Types of Mortgage Lending Opportunities

12 Months Business Bank Statements to Verify Income


1-4 Units Primamry Owner-Occupied Purchase or Refinance with 10% Down Payment or 10% Equity

Verification Letter from Employer Only to Verify Income


20% Down Payment  with a Letter from Employer to Verify Income to qualify for a mortgage

No Income Documentation Investors 1-4 Units


20% Down Payment or Equity  1-4  Unit

Investor mortgage with No Income Documentation at all. Property must debt service. Mortgage payment must equal market rents  - Vacant Properties Acceptable

3.5 % Down Payment 580 Scores


Most Transactions qualify on 1-2 Unit Purchases. We assist buyers in improving credit scores to get them qualified for a mortgage.

10% Down Payment with Credit Scores down to 500 Scores


 Most Transactions qualify on 1-2 Unit Purchases. We assist buyers in improving credit scores to get them qualified for a mortgage. 

101% Financing- No Money Required Seller Concession means "No Money Required" & No Mortgage Insurance


US Home Capital will issue 101% Mortgage and if qualify pay your closing cost therefore you can buy with  "No Money out of Pocket" & No Mortgage Insurance

Specialty Mortgage Lending

Still want to purchase, We can help!

We can deliver a home you want...

Alternative Income Verification Programs available listed below ( No Tax Returns or Income Documents Reviewed) Credit Problem transactions at 95% LTV 580 score and 90% LTV as low as  500 Score. Call Anthony Pugliese NMLS# 500139  today at  732-707-1464  Direct. 

How we can help!!!


 You've been told your past credit issues won't allow you to buy. You've been told that you don't report enough income athough you have a large down payment. You've been told that you don't have enough money for down payment and closing cost.  We can help! 

Call Anthony Pugliese NMLS# 500139  today at 732-707-1464 Direct

Close the deal


As direct lenders, we can issue you a Pre-approval before you sign a contract.  We can issue a full commitment within 48 hrs of receipt of the appraisal normally 10 days and close instantly when all parties are ready! The easiest process that you, realtors and attorneys have ever experienced.

Non-Traditional Income Verification Programs

Sample Prior Closings

Owner Occupied

► Borrower had post-closing liquid assets greater than the loan amount which automatically qualified. We closed the transaction with minimum 25% down required. Can use 50% of 401k/IRA balances. asassets to qualify. This is a great  program for a borrower that would otherwise have to pay capital gains  tax and/or IRS penalties to liquidate funds to close.

Owner Occupied

► Borrower had high debt to income but substantial post-closing reserves. We used a portion of the assets to supplement income/ability  to pay mortgage.

Owner Occupied

► We approved and closed many transactions with 12 business bank statements to qualify income for self-employed with no tax returns with as little as 10% down. Programs available with (2 )months bank statements with  or 25% down payment. 

(Always good to have me work customer months before signing a contract)

Owner Occupied

► Approved and Closed a transaction whereby one borrower earns 55% of the qualifying income and great credit score and the Co-Borrower credit score was very low and could not get approved for a  Conventional or FHA mortgage. We used the higher  credit score borrower and ignored credit score of the Co-Borrower but used both Incomes to qualify.

Owner Occupied

► Customer was selling one property to buy another but did not qualify for the new  property WITHOUT selling or renting the old home or counting its payment. We approved and closed the new purchase ignoring the mortgage payment on the other property because it had 25% equity

Owner Occupied

► Closed many mortgage transactions with only 1 year history of primary job, 2nd jobs, overtime, bonus and 1 year self-employment. We will consider newly self-employed if transitioning from similar work as an employee.

More Prior Closings

Owner Occupied

► Closed mortgage with only written verification of employment for employed borrowers with no  

pay stubs, W-2's or tax returns with 25% down

Owner Occupied

► Closed mortgage with alimony/child support with only a 1 month history of receipt


► Closed many transaction based the subject cash flow only (no employment needed) as long as the rent exceeds PITI by $1, they qualify.Programs available wherby the PITI is more market rents.


► Property does NOT need a current lease - can use appraiser's market  rent estimate. Vacant properties acceptable.


► Can be titled to an LLC


► Please keep in mind that this is only a sampling.  The bottom line is  that if a borrower has the ability to repay and equity in the  property/purchase there are a LOT of options and we will review each  situation to figure out the best one for the borrower - whether that's  conventional or  non-traditional!.

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Ask for Anthony Pugliese (NMLS #500139) Partner

U.S. Home Capital, LLC (NMLS #500107) 

Direct lender offering Fannie/Freddie/FHA products "Licensed Lender - State of NJ Dept of Banking 

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